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Welcome to Lean Companion

Lean Companion is an UNOFFICIAL guide which helps you get the most out of the “Lean in 15″ books by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach)

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Find out the calories, macros and cost for every Lean in 15 recipe:

Red Book 1 (Shift) recipes

Blue Book 2 (Shape) recipes

Green Book 3 (Sustain) recipes

Read my tips on Getting Started with Lean in 15

Learn how to track calories and macros to tailor your portion sizes

Check out my list of Frequently Asked Questions

Watch YouTube videos of my personal Lean in 15 journey

Here are some useful links to other people, groups and websites


Developing a Winner’s Mindset

Tips on HIIT and weight training exercises


If you’re looking for a group of fun, friendly and like-minded Leanies, you can’t go far wrong by joining my new Facebook Group

Lean in 15 – The Body Coach – Winners Facebook Support Group (unofficial)

It’s a great place to:

  • Meet some of the friendliest and most helpful people on the Internet
  • Share your Lean in 15 experiences & photos
  • Ask questions about Lean in 15


Want to learn more about this website and its creator, Rock Bollinger?

Visit my About page

Please note: This website (“Lean Companion”) is not authorised by, affiliated with or endorsed by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), or Pan Macmillan / Bluebird. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

For those that way inclined, here’s some more legal stuff (updated 06/06/17).

“But I thought Lean in 15 isn’t supposed to be about counting calories!”

That’s true, Joe Wicks says he would prefer us to stay away from numbers-based thinking, especially the sad step! After all, Lean in 15 is all about feeling good and eating more whilst getting lean.

Having said that, lots of people (like me) find that if you want to get the best results, it can be helpful to have a good understanding of details like calories and macros. I created Lean Companion for these people.

Tracking calories and macros is completely optional.  You can still get great results from Lean in 15 without worrying about these things.

If you’re happy using your instinct or hunger as a guide to your portion sizes, then stick with it! As long as you’re getting the results you want, that’s all that matters. Everyone’s Lean in 15 journey will look different.

Buy the Lean in 15 books!

Lean in 15 book 1 (Shift), also known as “the red book”

Lean in 15 book 2 (Shape), also known as “the blue book”

Lean in 15 book 3 (Sustain), also known as “the green book”

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